Our Mission

My Mandi is a B2B2C marketplace that aims to aggregate the existing cart-pusher community by providing a one-stop shop, an online platform and other value added services (Fintech, EV and Microlending)

By doing so we aggregate and support India’s largest last-mile delivery network that brings the market to your doorstep powering a pick and choose model.


One-Stop Shop

Save time, Save money, Save Energy. All pre-ordered fresh produce delivered to place of business between 6am - 8am. Free transportation above minimum order. No need to visit over-croweded Mandis at 3am. Best sorted quality at low rates.

Online Presence

Taking the local cart-pusher business online with My Mandi. Customers will be able to view Vendor location and inventory. Orders can be placed directly to specific vendors.

Complete Branding

Upgrade to branded hand-carts for stronger brand identification and quality appeal.

Access to

Vendors with good payment histroy will be eligible for interest free micro-credit on their orders. We help vendors build credible financial history.

Low Cost EV Rentals
for Better Mobility

Low cost store-on-wheels EVs available for faster and easier mobility. Superior to existing push carts and enables vendor to earn more commission from quicker deliveries.

Rebuilding Lives

Our Vendors have experienced a significant upgrade in their quality of life. We help them save money, save time and save energy.

Achleshwar, Gwalior


I dont have to wake up early in the mornings at 3 am to go to the mandi. All stock is supplied to me at my place of business before 7 am. I have more energy in the day to sell my stock. My customers and I are very happy with the quality rates. My Mandi has made my life very easy!

Nakka, Gwalior

Laxmi Bai

I never expected a service like this to start in my city that would help me with my small business. They dont charge any transport or labour cost and the produce prices are similar to the mandi rates, many times even cheaper. I have definitely saved a lot of money after joining My Mandi.

Amkho, Gwalior

Rahul Gupta

Most important is that quality of the produce is very good. Usually I used to get a lot of wastage when buying from the mandi. Whatever I get from My Mandi is already pre-sorted and I dont have to deal with any waste. The stock is fresh and the prices are very reasonable.